The Swedish Agency for Participation

The work of the Swedish Agency for Participation is to ensure that disability policy will have an impact in all corners of society.

We work on the premise that everyone is entitled to full participation in society, regardless of functional ability. We do this by

  • monitoring and analysing developments
  • proposing methods, guidelines and guidance
  • disseminating knowledge
  • initiating research and other development work, and
  • providing support and proposing measures to government.

We have built up a bank of knowledge on this work, and we track and evaluate developments relating to disability issues at both national and international level. Our task is determined by the goals and strategies of disability policy. These are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We carry out our work in relation to and on behalf of national authorities, municipalities and county councils.

Senast granskad: 2019-05-29