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About the Swedish Agency for Participation

The Swedish Agency for Participation is an expert agency that promotes work with the implementation of disability policy. We develop and spread information about obstacles to participation, and support public-sector bodies.

We work to enable full participation in society for people with disabilities, and to attain equality in living conditions.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities forms the basis of our work.
The Swedish Agency for Participation has around 50 employees. It is divided into two units and one section.

The Director General of the Agency is Malin Ekman Aldén. Malin is the head of the agency and reports to the Government.

Our organisation

We follow and analyse the development of work within the field of disability. We look at living conditions for people with disabilities, and how public-sector bodies work with accessibility and participation.

In order to drive the work with disability forward, we create and spread information about how to combat social challenges. We support organisations in their work to promote accessibility, and increase participation from people with disabilities.

We also conduct special government commissions and comment on reports circulated by the Government Offices of Sweden and other public authorities.

The Agency’s primary target groups include public authorities, county councils and municipalities. We also work with private sector employers and producers of products and services.

We work with our target groups to develop knowledge and create support. Part of our work with accessibility and participation involves collecting the experiences of people who are faced with obstacles in society.

Contact us

You can contact the Swedish Agency for Participation via email and telephone.

When you email the Agency, your email becomes public record, meaning it can be accessed in accordance with the statutory principle of public access to official documents.

Email: info@mfd.se
Telephone, switchboard: +46 8 600 84 00

Visiting and post address

Myndigheten för delaktighet
Visiting address: Rosterigränd 12
SE-117 61 Stockholm, Sweden

The National Minorities and Minority Languages Act

The National Minorities and Minority Languages Act applies to all of Sweden. The Act states that the national minority languages in Sweden must be protected and promoted; that national minority groups must be able to maintain and develop their cultures; and that administrative bodies must provide information about the rights of minority groups, and enable them to influence matters that affect them.

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